What’s a Longcoated Akita? (LC Akita)



The Long-coated Akita. There are many theories on how the long-coated Akita came to be, many believed that in the 1900s the Karafuto dog was introduced into the Akita bloodline. The Karafuto was a spitz type hunting dog, with small pointed triangular ears, hair was long, fine and thick with a very dense undercoat. These attributes are very similar to the Long-coated Akita. The Long-coat has many variations in coat length, from a slight feathering, to a huge wooly coat, sometimes reaching down to the Akitas feet. The coat will feel softer and silkier than the short coat due to the longer guard hairs and very dense undercoat, they have a very loving and kind disposition, are larger boned and extremely eager to please when it comes to training. Most breeders agree they are gentler by nature than their short-coated counter parts. The Long-coated Akita resemble extremely large cuddly teddies and are people magnets, But they are still a full bloodied Akita and will need the same levels of training and socialization, if not more so as people are drawn to them. They are often referred to as woolies or silkies, requiring a little more grooming than the short-coat. If left unkempt they will become matted and tangled, which is very uncomfortable for the Akita. They make excellent companions, whilst maintaining the characteristics of the short-coat. They have a high instinct to protect family members, quietly watching for threats, whilst appearing relaxed. They also make excellent guard dogs.Whilst the Long-coated Akita is considered a blatant fault with the majority of Judges, the Long-coat much to popular belief can be shown, But considering all the faults and disqualification within the breed, there is a huge stigma surrounding the Long-coat and it is almost never seen in the ring. In fact, until recently most people weren’t aware they even existed. This said, many breeders will have long-coats in their litters and most lines carrying the recessive gene will have fuller thicker coats. There have been a few petitions to get the Long-coated Akita recognized in a classification of it’s own and many believe these beautiful creatures should be seen in the ring. Although this throws up a lot of heated debate due to the variation in coat lengths and many breeders also fear the long-coat would become more popular than the short due to their heightened appeal.

soo watch this space !!

Written By Koda Naiya Sharpin Vez


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