Are Akitas good with kids?

Are Akitas good with kids? ~ A well-bred, properly-raised and socialized Akita should be tolerant and protective of children in its family, providing, of course, that the dog is gently treated by them. Because of their protective and dominant tendencies, however, an Akita (or ANY dog, for that matter) should NEVER be left alone with youngsters, unsupervised, or in the care of an unfamiliar person (i.e. babysitter) while there are children about. If treated harshly or painfully by children, any dog may retaliate in the same way it would react to rough play with a littermate — by nipping or biting. An Akita may be very protective of the children in its family, and may view strange children noisily playing with “his own” as a threat. In uncertain situations such as this, it is best to remove the Akita to a quiet, secure room or crate. Ensure, when purchasing an Akita, that the temperaments of the puppy’s parents are stable, and that the breeder’s own priority is sound temperament. Following up with lots of socialization and supervised exposure to children throughout its puppyhood will help to ensure your Akita develops a correct, stable temperament.


PHOTO (Baby Dece teaching Gaine how to blow rasberries)


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